Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Creme Liner Review

I picked this up while wet n wild cosmetics were 50% off at Walgreens last week and I'm really glad that I did.  This creme liner in black/noir is wonderfully pigmented and long-wearing. 

My picture shows flecks of glitter in it, but it is just straight black.  The glitter is from me trying to rub the liner off of my arm which I could not whatsoever.  I always have shimmer on me somewhere somehow so oops.  But the liner would look very pretty with a little shimmer/glitter set over it. 

The brush that it comes with is ok, I would only use it if you're going for a thick/messy look, but I probably just won't ever use it.  With a better brush, this probably won't wear as thin.  In the swatch photo, I applied it heavier on the left side of each line (thick and thin) than the right. 

Anyway, I coudn't even wash it off without giving it a little force.  I don't know if that is supposed to be scary or a good thing.  Either way no bad side effects here.  It also seems like there is a lot of product...especially for the cost. 

To sum it up this creme liner is pigmented, long-wearing for a night out, and affordable.  Just use your own eyeliner brush for the best results.


PB and J apparel said...

i love this creme liner it lasts a long time because there is alot and sooo affordable i use this as a top liner and if im going out i'll line it in my waterline and it lasts forever!
great review :)

PB and J apparel said...

i dont think it burns
i also dont have super sensitive eyes or anything as long as you dont get it into you actual eyeball lol you should be good and its a good way to make your waterline liner last all day and still look "intense" and thanks for checking my blog i see your from illinois im from indiana i go to chicago frequently and just did a look book there you might wanna check it out its on my youtube (pbandjapparel)