Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New wet n wild Coloricon Eyeshadow Trio in Silent Treatment Review

When I was at Jewel one day getting Bacardi for making mojitos, I came across these little palettes and picked up Silent Treatment.  There are so many new trios to choose from, I want them all.  The one I picked is probably the least colorful of them all, but very pretty so I bought it for $2.99.  I love the shadows in this palette.  All three are pigmented and wearable for a day or night look.  The shade designated for the brow bone is a pale shimmery pink which is not chalky like some of the other lighter wet n wild shadows but rather soft.  The crease shade is like a dark mahogany with sparkly flecks which don't show up that much but the mahogany does.  The eyelid shade is a shimmery/metallic light mauve.

Swatched without primer.

I used the shadows as directed by the imprints on the them and this is the look I was able to achieve:
I used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk on my waterline.  It worked pretty well.  But didn't last all day.

The crease color ends up looking more like a dark mauve when applied over the light mauve (makes sense).

Another look made with the same colors


Saimese said...

Great look! I'm flattered that you'd want to copy my look.. Definitely let me know if you do :)

She Likes To Pretend said...

I'm going to try your look tomorrow and then I'll post a picture of it referencing your post ;)