Saturday, April 23, 2011

Urban Decay The Fun Palette (Review)

So I think what really draws me to these palettes is the packaging.  Well that's all part of their product marketing so DUH!  But this palette is just that, FUN.  It's fun because of the artwork and shadows as well.  I'm going to review each shadow individually.

Strawberries are my favorite fruit and skulls my favorite symbol I guess you'd say so this was perfect :)

Woodstock: This is a vibrant dark pink or maybe magenta.  I think it is more on the sheer side, but buildable.  When put on my eyelid with primer, it shows up pretty well.  I think this shadow needs a thicker or white base.  It really makes my green eyes stand out.
Baked: GORGEOUS!  It's a very rich and shimmery golden bronze.  The shimmer in it glistens and looks like it's shooting off sparks.  I love it.
Uzi:  Ew.  Sorry but I don't like chunky silver glitter in anything.  It has a nice shimmery white to it, but the glitter chunks ruin it.  I put a little on my lids and it was just basically glitter.  However I have not tried it on my entire lid which would probably look great for going out somewhere funky which I do from time to time so I can't wait to try it.
Sin: This is your basic pretty champagne color, maybe a little darker.  I love it, I think it's beautiful and multipurposeful.
Flipside: Very aquamarine, I felt like a mermaid wearing it, but a pretty one!  It is sheer like Woodstock with a nice sheen to it.
Psychedilic Sister: I basically bought the palette because I wanted to try this color and why not get 5 more if I get the whole thing.  This reminds me a lot of UD Flash, but a little bit deeper.  Pretty sheen, similar consistency of Flipside and Woodstock.
Oil Slick 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil:  Honestly, I don't like it.  I would have preferred if they put Zero or maybe a crazy purple colored liner, but not this.  It doesn't show up well at all.  Again, it's made with glitter chunks.

Swatches without primer:

With flash, inside.

Without flash, outside.

Without flash, outside, different angle.

Oil Slick Glide-On
Here are some looks :)

Flipside and Sin over UDPP.
You can see the sheerness in this picture.
Psychedelic Sister over smeared wnw black creme liner and Sin.
Sorry about the blur, but you can see where Psychedelic Sister sheers out when it's not on the black liner.
Supposed to look scary ;)
-Good amount for the money
-Paired with eyeliner and primer

-Consistency of Uvi and Oil Slick liner
-Wish the shadows would be richer/heavier pigmentation.  

Overall:  I think this palette is great.  I can't wait to try out more looks with it.  I said in another review that I'd review the Dangerous Palette, but I returned it because I already had more than one of the colors.

Anyway, up next for review is the Tarte Palette and the Lorac Private Affair palette.  Also some bronzers. EEK!  And here's a picture of my dog lookin like a hill billy:

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Coachella 2011!

I WAS THERE! Yay!  It was so much fun because of the great music and the fact that my boyfriend's friend hooked us up with VIP passes so I got to see a bunch of celebs.  I'm only going to list the ones that I saw even though I know more were there.

Bam Margera
Kellan Lutz
Penn Badgely
Scott Speedman
Teresa Palmer (I think)
Eric Christian Olsen
Brandon Davis
Sal Masekela
Joshua Jackson
Jeff Goldblum
Eric Wareheim
Busy Phillips
Nicole Richie
Camilla Belle
Diane Kruger
Cory Monteith
Emma Roberts
Seth Meyers
Chanel Iman
Malin Akerman
Kirsten Dunst
Ashley Greene
Shiloh Fernandez
Jessica Stam
Kelly Osbourne

And I didn't see these two at Coachella, but while in LA I saw Shannon Elizabeth and Judy Greer.

I don't travel often, but I'm so happy I got to vacation in California while there were snow flurries back in Chicago!  I love Chicago though, but clearly we're behind in fashion or just don't care or have a different sense because nearly EVERYONE in California had the same exact outfit, shoes, hair.  It's probably because it's always warm in Cali that people get to wear whatever they want every day...jealous. 

I haven't seen one person with ombre hair in Illinois yet, but half the girls at Coachella had it.  I've been wanting it for three years now because I really think Gisele started it and I still can't get anyone around here to do it!  Don't know whether I should jump on the bandwagon or not, but it's only hair color so I think I am going to :)

Anyway, I want to give The Chemical Brothers a lot of credit for such a great performance on the first night.  Best performance of the weekend. Here is a video:

 Also watched other artists like Cage the Elephant, Crystal Castles, Mumford & Sons, Kanye West, Green Velvet.

I wanted to go up to some of the celebs and ask for pictures, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it because I don't want to bother anyone while they are trying to have fun listening to music which is the point of going to the fest.  And not to mention, I'm introverted and weird so it was just be awkward.  Here are some pictures I caught really quick:

Joshua Jackson
Camilla Belle
Nicole Richie

 Some pictures from my time in California:

Next stop Detroit for DEMF!!!  Need to see Skrillex and Venetian Snares.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Painted Desert Eyeshadow Palette by Diamond Cosmetics Review

Now this has to be the most inexpensive eyeshadow I have ever bought.  I think I got it at Big Lots for about $1.50.  Sometimes I just like to try out cheap things and then get surprised later.  Well this eyeshadow really is better than what it's price tag suggests.  All of them have pigmentation to some degree and the colors are so very pretty.  They are shimmery but not glittery.  There is nothing cheap about the shimmer consistency of the shadows.  I'm pretty sure these are not sold everywhere, but they have a website:  This palette is in the close-outs for .99.  Not sure what ordering from them is like because this is the only thing I bought from them in-store.

Here are the swatches with TFSI underneath.  I don't normally like to swatch with primer, but I did want to show what the colors in this palette were capable of.

And here are a few swatches of my favorite shadows out of the palette.  It's a terrible picture but you can still see that they are not THAT sheer for being soooo inexpensive.

Next is the look I created with the shimmery mauve, shimmery pink champagne and the light pink shadow.  I also used dark silver in the outer corner.  I can never go without dark corners.  I need them.  I took the first couple photos after a long day so my eyes look very tired, but you can see how well the shadows held up after hours and hours of wear.

Sooo my birthday is this week and I decided to treat myself to three new eyeshadow palettes that I don't need YAY!  But they are Urban Decay's Dangerous and Fun palettes and the new Tarte palette that's exclusive to Ulta.  SO expect reviews for those coming up soon.