Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sephora's I.T. Natural Foundation Brush Review

I love this thing.  At first it looks like a glorified blush brush or something, but it really does an amazing job at applying my liquid foundation ESPECIALLY my long wear foundations like MAC's Pro Longwear and Estee Lauder Double Wear Light.  I don't have to worry about streaks with this brush because it is densely packed but soft to make foundation look airbrushed.  My boyfriend has even commented that my face looks airbrushed when I use this brush. 

I also love the pink and black handle that makes the brush look sleek and interesting.  The handle becomes thicker at the top providing a more conic shape for my hand to fit around when I apply my foundation.  It's a secure foundation for applying my foundation. 

This bristles of the brush don't seem to absorb foundation and let it sink to its core which is great because you know the brush isn't depleting you of your products that you've spent hard-earned money on.  When I wash it, there is hardly ANY and I mean ANY orange gloop for lack of a better term in my hands.  It's like a pale peach rinse when I wash the bristles. 

The only con is that even after washing it several times now, I still get maybe one or two hairs shedding each time.  They are really annoying to pull off of my face.

I've had this brush since Decemeber and have been reaching for it every day ever since.  I feel bad for all my other unused brushes.

UPDATE 4/12/11: I still use this brush because I love the way it applies my liquid foundation the best, but I'm sooooooooooo frustrated that the little hairs are still coming off the brush and they are like two millimeters long so it's hard to pick of my dewy (liquid foundation) face!!!!!  I'm pissed because the brush is sooo expensive.  URG.