Monday, January 31, 2011

EOTD Felix da Housecat

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I went to a new club in Chicago where Felix da Housecat was playing.  We danced like crazy and even then my makeup didn't melt off. 

First I used wet n wild's creme liner in black all over my lid as a base, then used Urban Decay's Flash over where the creme liner was place and blended it into my brow bone where I used Kat Von D's Agatha Pink from her Memento Mori palette.  The liner used on the bottom is wet n wild's Mega Liner in Turquoise which I also let coat my lashes during application.  On my waterline I used Maybelline's gel liner in Blackest Black.  I wish I made this more smokey, but I do everything at the last minute and this is all I had time for.


Almay Intense i-Color for Hazel Eyes

Even though this is for hazel eyes and mine are green, I don't care, I buy colors because I like them and i find that these shadows would work really well with any eye color.  They are not that pigmented without primer, but with primer, they are gorgeous.  There is a deep shimmery ever green shade that you put on your lid, then a dark matte charcoal shade for your crease, and a shimmery white gold which sadly couldn't be captured with the photos below.  Of course you can use the shadows however you would like, but I do like to use them as directed.

The last two photos show the shadows without primer on the bottom three swatches and the top swatches have NYX's Milk underneath.

Revlon Matte Eyeshadow in Riviera Blue

Also purchased this for 75% off at CVS.  This is a navy blue with a more mute appearance.  The pigmentation is not great and kind of sheer.  With NYX's jumbo eye pencil in Milk underneath, this works much better, but as you can see there is still white poking through the shadow even after trying to build and layer the shadow.  I feel this is very hard to work with, but if you like a sheer crease color and are willing to build this shadow up to get good color payoff, then I recommend it.

I used TFSI and shadows from the FLIRT! set

Although the look above was actually easy to achieve, I had to layer it several times.  I guess the payoff is nice and creates a good smokey-ish eye.  For the price, this is a great shadow.

Rimmel Glam'Eyes Mono Eyeshadow in Posh Peacock

I also got this at CVS while on clearance for about a dollar.  I was initially attracted the bright color of this really provocative blue, but I didn't have high expectations and I'm glad that I didn't.  The pigmentation is awful awful awful without a primer, hardly buildable at all, but with the NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk used as a base/primer, this shadow really shows it's true color.  I wouldn't regret the purchase because of it's cost and I still don't regret it after trying it over the jumbo eye pencil.  It definitely makes it worth it.  Below are the swatches and I will post a picture of it on my eyes soon.
With flash

Without flash

To the left is without any primer or base and on the right is the shadow over Milk.

Different angle

Friday, January 21, 2011

Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color Review

I'll talk about these as a collection.  I have six of them and they all have generally the same consistency.  They are smooth with application, but very drying and I mean DRY.  Make sure that your lips are hydrated before applying these and I don't mean put on lip balm then the lipstick.  As a beauty tip and what is best before using dry/matte lipsticks is to put lip plumper on before you go to bed.  It makes your lips look beautiful in the morning.  I could go to bed with really dry/cracky lips and wake up with the best lips in the world.  After wiping off the plumper and washing your face your lips should not be moist, but pleasantly plump and refreshed.  I really recommend using Physician's Formula's lip plumper.  Also what I do to get the best result when using these is to use a lip brush.  I use e.l.f.'s lip brush which I picked up for only a dollar at Target.  It's a little small, but it does a great job for accurately applying these.  Application without a brush is a little difficult because of the shape of the acutal lipstick.  As far as lasting power, they last a little bit longer than a lipstick with a more moisturzing formula.  I would still put this in your purse if you plan to keep your lip color the whole day or night.  I got most of these for under two dollars and they are clearly worth it.
**I did however apply the lip colors without the brush and with the stick itself in the following photos:
901B Think Pink
905D Smokin' Hot Pink
903C Just Peachy
910D Red Velvet
902C Bare It All
919B Vamp It Up

My favorites are Bare It All and Just Peachy.  They work with a lot of different day and night looks.  Vamp It up is definitely darker in person; it almost looks black.  And Smokin' Hot Pink is a little more vibrant as are most fuschia/magenta lip colors.

Haha I just noticed how my tongue is resting on the back of my teeth in all of the pictures...looks stupid.  But I hope this review helps people decide whether or not they want to get these!  I think you should at least try one.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sally Hansen Lipglosses from CVS Clearance (Review)

The first gloss I'm reviewing is Gem from Sally Hansen's Diamond 12 HR Lip Treament collection.  This is basically just a clear gloss with a hint of shimmer.  It's very sheer so don't expect any of the pink tint to appear on already naturally pinkish lips.  I think Gem is great for day time when you don't want to look too dramatic, but add a hint of pretty.

Next up is Lip Inflation Color-Full in Flattering.  This is a peachy and nude lip gloss with a translucent hue.  It smells like cinnamon or peppermint like some other lip plumping glosses do.  As far as lip plumping effects, I think it slightly makes them appear bigger, but nothing drastic.  You can tell that it really fills out the lines in my lips which is the key to making lips appear fuller.  I love the color against my skin tone and how the gloss makes my lips look especially with the fine hints of shimmer.

Lastly, another Diamond 12 HR Lip Treatment from Sally Hansen and this one is called Princess.  Now this gloss is very peachy and noticeable on the lips as it's more opaque than the other two.  It contains shimmer, but it doesn't appear that way.  I've only worn this gloss with purple eyeshadow or green as it seems to complement those colors the best.  I do like this gloss and it is light enough to wear during the day, but it settles into the lines of the lips as you can kind of see. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Creme Liner Review

I picked this up while wet n wild cosmetics were 50% off at Walgreens last week and I'm really glad that I did.  This creme liner in black/noir is wonderfully pigmented and long-wearing. 

My picture shows flecks of glitter in it, but it is just straight black.  The glitter is from me trying to rub the liner off of my arm which I could not whatsoever.  I always have shimmer on me somewhere somehow so oops.  But the liner would look very pretty with a little shimmer/glitter set over it. 

The brush that it comes with is ok, I would only use it if you're going for a thick/messy look, but I probably just won't ever use it.  With a better brush, this probably won't wear as thin.  In the swatch photo, I applied it heavier on the left side of each line (thick and thin) than the right. 

Anyway, I coudn't even wash it off without giving it a little force.  I don't know if that is supposed to be scary or a good thing.  Either way no bad side effects here.  It also seems like there is a lot of product...especially for the cost. 

To sum it up this creme liner is pigmented, long-wearing for a night out, and affordable.  Just use your own eyeliner brush for the best results.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Copied Saimese's January 2011 Series: 8th Post!

I really liked Saimese's look using the Revlon palette which I own but haven't used in a while and I'm going to thank her for giving me a reason to use it again!  I copied her look as best as I could using some of the same or similar products.  You can view her EOTD and how she did it here.

I used NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk as a base as she did.  I used a shimmery white shadow from an Icing's eyeshadow palette.  I used the navy shade from Revlon's 12 Hour Eye Shadow in 11 Sultry Smoke as she did and since I don't know of Annabelle cosmetics, I used wet n wild's liquid eyeliner which looks more matte like in her photo.  I was so happy with the end result.  Pictures don't do it justice because this looked even more amazing in person.

The reason why I say it looks better in person is because more navy is visible.  For some reason the flash really picked up on the shimmer of the white shadow.
Without flash
 THANK YOU SAIMESE!  I had fun copying your look and love your technique.