Monday, January 31, 2011

Revlon Matte Eyeshadow in Riviera Blue

Also purchased this for 75% off at CVS.  This is a navy blue with a more mute appearance.  The pigmentation is not great and kind of sheer.  With NYX's jumbo eye pencil in Milk underneath, this works much better, but as you can see there is still white poking through the shadow even after trying to build and layer the shadow.  I feel this is very hard to work with, but if you like a sheer crease color and are willing to build this shadow up to get good color payoff, then I recommend it.

I used TFSI and shadows from the FLIRT! set

Although the look above was actually easy to achieve, I had to layer it several times.  I guess the payoff is nice and creates a good smokey-ish eye.  For the price, this is a great shadow.


Anonymous said...

I love how simple works best sometimes! Looks great!

jezmacmania said...

i love what you did with this eyeshadow color! amazing look! I'm a new follower =) hope you come by and check out my blog too! i'm really enjoying your posts!

She Likes To Pretend said...

@P: I agree! Whenever I try to get complicated with an eye look, it just turns out awkward.

@jezmacmania: Thank you! Of course I'll check out your blog.

Al said...

this is so nice !

She Likes To Pretend said...

It is! I didn't mean to undersell it in the review. It is so pretty on the eye with primer