Monday, January 30, 2012

Eye Looks with Wet n Wild

I was going through my makeup drawers and I came across the "I'm Feeling Retro" Color Icon Trio I never use because I thought I couldn't, but with NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, I got the colors to work very nicely.  I also used wet n wild's (I still don't know how I should type their name!) Mega Liner Liquid Liner in Black for the winged liner and a purple liner on my waterline that came with one of the holiday palettes a  year ago, but I'm sure you can find a similar one in any brand.  It didn't show up that well.  Mascara was Maybelline's Collosal.

Below I used Comfort Zone which I reviewed here.  I used most of the colors over Claudia Stevens Lid Primer to achieve this look.  For the winged liner, I used Physician's Formula Eye Defining Pencil in black.  Mascara, again, is Maybelline Colossal.  In my waterline, I used Rimmel's Gleaming Eye Pencil in Tiger's Eye.

Claudia Stevens Eye Prep LID PRIMER (Review)

I don't know about you, but I use eye primer every time I wear eyeshadow which is practically every day and because of that, I don't like to spend a lot of money on them.  I know there are some cheaper ones out there that work pretty decently like e.l.f.'s and L'Oreal Decrease, but I love this one by Claudia Stevens that I can only find at Sally Beauty Supply.  
It comes in a squeeze tube where the product comes out of a felt tip.  I don't like this feature that much and would prefer it to come out of tiny nozzle like Too Faced Shadow Insurance.  With the felt tip though, you can apply the primer directly to your eye lid without discomfort or poking.  That's what it was designed for I'm sure.

The consistency is thicker and similar to that of a concealer, but its properties make it longer lasting than a concealer.  It is flesh toned and a bit pinky, but I find that it ultimately blends into my exact skin color around the eye.  This is great for covering up any discoloration or redness. 

Before application.  AH!  Mind you I just rubbed some makeup off, but better to show my worst so you can see how great the results are.

During.  I took this picture to show the consistency and color of the formula.  I use my finger to blend it over my lid.

Viola! Looks like baby skin.  A little goes a long way so don't squeeze out too much product.  You will also risk creasing if you use too much, but if you notice that some has settled into your crease before eyeshadow application, blend it in and wipe it away.  It will not come back.

Eye before shadow application.

I love this stuff!  I really can't say anything bad about it.  And at around $5, I am not afraid of wasting any either like I am with my more expensive yet less effective primers.  Since this has a more hyrdating texture, pigment really adheres to skin and colors pop.  You seriously cannot regret buying this.  My lids get pretty oily right away and throughout the day and this has held up without a problem.

Fun stuff:

Friday, January 27, 2012

Coffee Grounds as an Exfoliator

I'm always up for trying more natural remedies on my skin especially fruits, vegetables, and others.  I remember reading somewhere one time to rub coffee grounds on your body because the caffeine helps to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite.  I can't really say whether or not it helped me in that department (I feel like it's a lost cause anyway).  Instead, I decided to try them on my face and I ended up loving this inexpensive alternative. 

-Carefully take the grounds out of the coffee machine after you've had your coffee and the grounds have since cooled down.  Then put them in any bowl with the filter still holding them.  I find that it's less messy this way.

-When you're ready to use them, scoop the grounds out with your fingers in small amounts and pat them onto the skin.  You do NOT need a lot, especially for the face, a little really goes a long way.
-If using a sink only, keep your head directly over it because the grounds will have liquid coffee dripping from them and you don't want to stain anything.  In the shower, it doesnt really matter what you do, but it can be annoying to get the grounds down the drain.  Also in the shower, go ahead and use the rest on your legs or where ever you feel you need to.
-Once on the skin, rub in a circular motion gently because the grounds are semi-rough and you don't want to damage any layers.  Avoid your delicate eye area, it won't sting, but I think it's much too rough to risk getting that close.
-Rinse with warm water and then pat your face dry.  Kind of splash or pour water on your face so the grounds slide off easily.

-Your skin should be left feeling hyrdated and plump and soft.
-I feel like it's some kind of miracle haha and really seems effective at exfoliating.
-This has never resulted in a break out.
-It really sets up your skin for a smooth foundation application.

Let me know if you try this and how you like it!

Hehehe, this makes me laugh every time I see it.

So innocent....NOT!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Several Looks

Foundation: Estee Lauder Double Wear Light 01
Powder: MAC MSF Medium
Concealer: Physician's Formula Conceal Rx in Natural Light
Blush: Flirt! Peach Blossom
Bronzer: Flirt! Foxy Bronze
Eyeliner: Sephora Long-Lasting Eye Liner in Fancy Blue 
Eyeshadow: Coastal Scents Creative Me #2 Palette, random shimmery champagne as highlight
Mascara: Too Faced Lash Gasm

Foundation: Estee Lauder Double Wear Light 01
Powder: MAC MSF Medium
Concealer: Physician's Formula Conceal Rx in Natural Light
Blush: Flirt! Peach Blossom
Bronzer: Flirt! Foxy Bronze
Eyeliner: Sephora Long-Lasting Eye Liner in Black
Eyeshadow: Victoria's Secret Midnight Glamour Eyeshadow Palette
Lashes: Forever 21
Lip: Rimmel Eternal Flame

Eyeliner: Sephora Long-Lasting Eye Liner in Black
Eyeshadow: Victoria's Secret Prowl, wet n wild Vanity, Lorac Black
Mascara: L'Oreal Voluminous Black

Eyeshadow: MAC Blackground, MAC Unflappable, wet n wild Fine Wink
Eyeliner: Sephora Waterproof Smokey Cream Liner Must Have
Mascara: Prestige Blackest Lashes
Lip: MAC Viva Glam Gaga 2
Eyeliner: Prestige Sable
Eyeshadow: NYX Nude Pearl, NYX Walnut Pearl
Brows: MAC Dirty Blonde
Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash Royal Blue
Lip: Korres Cherry Oil Lip Gloss Natural Purple

Korres Cherry-Picked Cherry Oil Lip Gloss Quad (Review)

I noticed that Korres makeup was 50% off at Sephora and these intrigued me.  I'm not one to get too crazy over lip products, but these looked so pretty and at half off, I thought "why not?"  I want to go buy the last of these sets so I don't run out!

Claim: Cherry oil hydrates the lips while vitamins E and C offer antioxidant protection.

Natural Purple, Rose, Fuschia, Light Purple

The consistency of the glosses is amazing and feels amazing on the lips.  I know it says "oil" in the product name, but it doesn't feel oily.  They have that perfect feeling of moisturization that I have never experienced with any other glosses or lipsticks.  I'm assuming that at 50% off, these glosses won't be returning to shelves or maybe there is just a revamping of the product line.  Anyone know?

This is one of my favorites because I'm afraid of dark lip colors, but this is a few shades darker than  my natural lip so I don't feel like I'm being too dramatic.  There is no shimmer in this one and the "natural" in its name describes its effect on the lips and on your makeup look.

Rose has a sheen of gold flecks which I find lovely and adds dimension to the color and the lips.  It's definitely pink, but is also natural looking as well.  

 Love this!  Escpecially as a great alternative to a bright lipstick if you're not feeling the drama.  It does contain fine bits of glitter that I enjoy and are not like the glitter you find in children's lip glosses.

GORGEOUS!  Great nude alternative.  This would definitely be bright on darker skin tones though.  I'm quite pale at the moment so this works for me.  There are bits of glitter in this one as well, but they are undetectable.

The shimmer/glitter in three of glosses does not effect the performance or consistency of the glosses and that is what amazes me.  They are still as smooth as ever.  And as the gloss fades, the flecks remain and make your lips look pretty and the hydration effect leaves them soft.  I also love how the gloss does not settle into the lines of the lips which I experience a lot with other colored glosses. And to address the product's claim, YES, these are very hydrating and I'm sure the vitamin E ingredient has something to do with it.  They are shiny, but I wouldn't say distracting.  The colors are vibrant, but reasonable.  They're just perfect.

Wearing Fuschia.  With a full face picture, you can see the vibrancy.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

FOTD w/ MAC, Urban Decay, Physician's Formula

Not trying to look like a hardass!!
Foundation: Revlon Colorstay in Sand Beige
Concealer: MAC Studio Fix Concealer NC20
Powder: MAC MSF Light Plus
Highlighter (that you can't see): MAC Soft and Gentle
Primer/base: Painterly Paint Pot
Eyeshadow: MAC Unflappable and Dalliance, Urban Decay URB
Eyeliner: Physician's Formula Shimmer Strip Eyeliner for Green Eyes
Mascara: Prestige Blackest Lashes
Brows: MAC Dirty Blonde
Lips: Nada

So I'm on some MAC kick like I've never heard of them before haha and that explains why I used so many of their products.

To start, I put Painterly all over my lid and even a little along the bottom lashline skin because I knew I'd be using shadow there.  It also helps concealer stay better too.  I just love the stuff anyway, I always use it.  Then I used MAC Mega Metal Eyeshadow in Unflappable on my lid and into the crease blending outward.  Unflappable is like a dark plum metallic gray, but it definitely came across as gray in my look.  I used the black pot from Physican's Forumala's Shimmerstrips Eyeliner for green eyes to make a semi-thick wing at the corners of my upper lid.  Then I swiped Dalliance over my brow bone and met it with Unflappable and blended.  Very simple.  I then lined my waterline with the green pot.  And I wanted the green to stay visible so I used URB by Urban Decay out of their Vegan palette to almost set the liner and make it more vibrant.  I finsihed with adding Dalliance to the inner corner of my eye and sweeping Prestige's Blackest Lashes on with a couple coats.

It's like I'm cross-eyed from the front or something HA.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

EOTD w/ New Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR Eyeshadow

The pictures I have are not the best, but I want to make sure that I keep blogging.  I'm going to talk about some of the products at the end, particularly the Color Tattoo eyeshadow.  Here is a very very simple look that I did in 5 minutes, no joke.

Primer: Claudia Stevens @ Sally Beauty
Lid: Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR Eyeshadow in Bad to the Bronze
Highlight: Sally Girl Baked Eyeshadow #388122 (Gold)
Liner (Upper): Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Black
Waterline: Essence Long-Lasting Eye Pencil in 08 Touch of Glam
Mascara: Rimmel Extra WOW Lash in Extreme Black

So I really really like the Maybelline Color Tattoo shadow.  I saw them at Ulta a couple of days ago and had to try it because the product reminded me of MAC's paint pots.  I picked up the bronze, taupe, purple, and white shades.  To my disappointment, the purple shadow had a really strange texture that was gummy and could only be worn sheer.  I don't doubt that it could have been a great light wash of shimmery purple for the eye, but I love pigmented purples.  I am in love with the taupe shadow, it reminds me the most of the Paint Pots and it did not budge at all when I wore it.  I have yet to try the shimmery white.

The bronze is beautiful, shimmery, and sooo easy to put on with your finger or a brush.  I used my finger to apply it in the above photos.  It is very smooth and comes to a velvety finish.  I like that it's not a yellowy-orange bronze, but leans more toward the actual color of the alloy.  I wore it yesterday WITHOUT primer for 12 hrs and at the 10th hour was when I noticed minimal creasing and I do have oily lids.  Marketing the product as 24-hour wear does not hold true in my case, but someone with dry skin will surely have this on for a long time with nothing to worry about.  Most people know that products aren't going to last "16 hours" or "12 hours" to the minute.  That's just too wishful.  Overall, this is definitely worth the $6.99 price tag and the second one is half off right now at Ulta.