Monday, January 30, 2012

Claudia Stevens Eye Prep LID PRIMER (Review)

I don't know about you, but I use eye primer every time I wear eyeshadow which is practically every day and because of that, I don't like to spend a lot of money on them.  I know there are some cheaper ones out there that work pretty decently like e.l.f.'s and L'Oreal Decrease, but I love this one by Claudia Stevens that I can only find at Sally Beauty Supply.  
It comes in a squeeze tube where the product comes out of a felt tip.  I don't like this feature that much and would prefer it to come out of tiny nozzle like Too Faced Shadow Insurance.  With the felt tip though, you can apply the primer directly to your eye lid without discomfort or poking.  That's what it was designed for I'm sure.

The consistency is thicker and similar to that of a concealer, but its properties make it longer lasting than a concealer.  It is flesh toned and a bit pinky, but I find that it ultimately blends into my exact skin color around the eye.  This is great for covering up any discoloration or redness. 

Before application.  AH!  Mind you I just rubbed some makeup off, but better to show my worst so you can see how great the results are.

During.  I took this picture to show the consistency and color of the formula.  I use my finger to blend it over my lid.

Viola! Looks like baby skin.  A little goes a long way so don't squeeze out too much product.  You will also risk creasing if you use too much, but if you notice that some has settled into your crease before eyeshadow application, blend it in and wipe it away.  It will not come back.

Eye before shadow application.

I love this stuff!  I really can't say anything bad about it.  And at around $5, I am not afraid of wasting any either like I am with my more expensive yet less effective primers.  Since this has a more hyrdating texture, pigment really adheres to skin and colors pop.  You seriously cannot regret buying this.  My lids get pretty oily right away and throughout the day and this has held up without a problem.

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