Monday, January 16, 2012

Korres Cherry-Picked Cherry Oil Lip Gloss Quad (Review)

I noticed that Korres makeup was 50% off at Sephora and these intrigued me.  I'm not one to get too crazy over lip products, but these looked so pretty and at half off, I thought "why not?"  I want to go buy the last of these sets so I don't run out!

Claim: Cherry oil hydrates the lips while vitamins E and C offer antioxidant protection.

Natural Purple, Rose, Fuschia, Light Purple

The consistency of the glosses is amazing and feels amazing on the lips.  I know it says "oil" in the product name, but it doesn't feel oily.  They have that perfect feeling of moisturization that I have never experienced with any other glosses or lipsticks.  I'm assuming that at 50% off, these glosses won't be returning to shelves or maybe there is just a revamping of the product line.  Anyone know?

This is one of my favorites because I'm afraid of dark lip colors, but this is a few shades darker than  my natural lip so I don't feel like I'm being too dramatic.  There is no shimmer in this one and the "natural" in its name describes its effect on the lips and on your makeup look.

Rose has a sheen of gold flecks which I find lovely and adds dimension to the color and the lips.  It's definitely pink, but is also natural looking as well.  

 Love this!  Escpecially as a great alternative to a bright lipstick if you're not feeling the drama.  It does contain fine bits of glitter that I enjoy and are not like the glitter you find in children's lip glosses.

GORGEOUS!  Great nude alternative.  This would definitely be bright on darker skin tones though.  I'm quite pale at the moment so this works for me.  There are bits of glitter in this one as well, but they are undetectable.

The shimmer/glitter in three of glosses does not effect the performance or consistency of the glosses and that is what amazes me.  They are still as smooth as ever.  And as the gloss fades, the flecks remain and make your lips look pretty and the hydration effect leaves them soft.  I also love how the gloss does not settle into the lines of the lips which I experience a lot with other colored glosses. And to address the product's claim, YES, these are very hydrating and I'm sure the vitamin E ingredient has something to do with it.  They are shiny, but I wouldn't say distracting.  The colors are vibrant, but reasonable.  They're just perfect.

Wearing Fuschia.  With a full face picture, you can see the vibrancy.

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