Wednesday, December 29, 2010

All of the Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Palettes (Review)

I wanted to get this post out there before all of the holiday palettes are discontinued.  You can find them at Jewel or Walgreens if you live in Illinois.  I'm not too sure where you can get them nationwide or internationally, sorry :(  I picked up these crazy amazing palettes for either five bucks at full price or half off.  So it's not going to hurt your pocketbook (haha pocketbook) even if you buy all of them.  I didn't use any primer to swatch these just to show how pigmented the palettes are.  I apologize for some of the blurry pictures.

Firstly, these are the hoilday palettes in Snow Sprite, Night Elf, Sugar Plum Fairy, and Bronze Goddess:

Snow Sprite 
These show up great, only con is that the two silver shades are very very similar.
Night Elf
Only con is that the sparkly white shadow isn't that pigmented nor soft.  But I love that the red shows up that well without a primer.
Sugar Plum Fairy
First shadow is pretty powdery, but the rest have better quality.
Bronze Goddess
All of these are great and wearable, but look better when and if you are tan hence Bronze Goddess.

These are there more permanent palettes I presume in Greed, Vanity, Pride, and Lust: 

Individually great shadows, but are kind of hard to blend with each other or maybe I just haven't figure it out yet.
Pretty pretty.
These are very pigmented, just waiting for an opportunity to wear them out.  I love blue but it looks like crap on me. 
All of these are so so worth it and beautiful.

Lust is my favorite palette.  Every time I wear any of these shadows I get compliments, guaranteed.  In fact, this palette has received the most eye/eyeshadow compliments of anything I've ever worn. I have three of these just in case it ever gets discontinued.

There aren't any individual names for the shadows so I'm going to generalize by row and colum what I used.  I used 2,2 on my lid with 1,2 blended over it and 2,1 on my brow bone from the Lust palette.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Kat Von D Eyeshadow Palette in Beethoven Review

This is a beautiful palette.  The color choices in this palette confuse me because there doesn't seem to be a particular theme, but I love them anyway!  The purples are very pretty and great for a smokey look.  There's three purples, a blue, a gray, a yellow, a brown, a black.  Just very random.

From left to right: Lucifer, Speed Blue, Razor Gray, Tequila, Sinner, Rad Purple, Leather, Galeano

Trust me, these look more beautiful on the eye than my arm.  Which is good because there's nothing worse to me than touching a shadow with your finger and it looks gorgeous, but then it's all sheer and non pigmented on the eyelid.
The best colors are definitely the purples (Sinner, Rad Purple, Galeano).  The black (Lucifer) can be layered to become darker.  I still haven't found a black black black eyeshadow.  If anyone knows of a good one with instant pigmentation let me know.

You can see Sinner as the lid color, Galeano as the highlight, and Rad Purple in the crease.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Victoria's Secret Metallic Eye Review

I really am a big fan of Victoria's Secret makeup, mostly their eyeshadow.  This palette is no exception to the quality I've experienced with VS eyeshadow.  They are very pigmented and shimmery.  There are several natural looking shades that are yes, metallic.  At fifteen dollars for six decent sized shadows, one highlighter, and one liner, you can't go wrong.  I love the highlighter (cream) because it's not too oily or sticky, it's very smooth and silky.  It kind of a sheer brassy gold color.  The liner is just a simple black cream liner.  It's not the greatest but it does its job.  Could be good for smudging.
I'm not going to bother swatching because the shadows will appear the same on my arm as they do above.
In the pictures below, I did a look on my friend using these shadows and then a look on myself. Thoughts?

The highlighter is used in this picture on my brow bone.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kat Von D Eyeshadow Palette in Memento Mori Review

Another addition to my eyeshadow addiction.  Sephora had Kat Von D's palettes for half off so I picked up three of them.  Memento Mori is the one I have used the most so far because all of the colors are beautiful and pigmented and not overly shimmery.  It is a very bright palette and probably not for those who only like subtle looks.  What I love the most is that the darkest shade called Tijuana can be used over any shadow without looking gray or muddy to make it darker and vivid.  What I like the least is the cream named True which i haven't really found a use for.  I tried it as a liner but it just didn't work.  Spread over my eye it is too oily and shadow on top of it is unnecessary.  I'll update this review if I find a use for it.  But that doesn't affect the quality of the rest of the palette which is worth the money.
From left to right: True, Solitude, Meditation, Agatha Pink, Sugar Skull, Peggy, Hard Luck, Tijuana

Below I'm wearing Solitude as my lid color with Tijuana blended over it.  I used Agatha Pink as the highlight which has this amazing ability to make purple look so mesmerizing on my eyes.