Thursday, December 2, 2010

Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance Policy: High Impact Eye Shadow Collection (Review)

This is going to be my first review and I thought I'd share my thoughts on the Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance Policy palette. The palette includes the following eye shadows: Full Frontal, Glamazon, Socialite, Boy Toy, Skinny Dip, and Luck Charms. This palette also came with a full sized tube of Too Faced Shadow Insurance which is not pictured.  I definitely recommend this palette for those who love color and shimmer because these are not subtle colors.  The palette seems expensive at forty bucks, but the full sized primer makes it seem worth it.  It then averages the shadows out to $3.50 a piece.
Aside from the super appealing packaging, the contents of this palette are great. Full Frontal, Glamazon, Socialite, and Boy Toy are the most pigmented shadows of the bunch, but that's not to say that Skinny Dip and Lucky Charms don't have great color payoff because they still do. I actually reach for Skinny Dip the most because I crave deeper colors lately. With proper layering, Skinny Dip and Lucky Charms deliver a promising outcome. Below are swatches of the shadows on my inner arm because I feel that area is more similar to the sensitive and generally pale eyelid than the top of the hand.

Below is the application of just Skinny Dip on my eye with Too Faced Shadow Insurance underneath (I don't see a point to wearing eyeshadow without a primer unless you're in a hurry) and I also lined my upper lid with Too Faced's Lava Gloss deep black eyeliner before applying:

I hope this review helped everyone in deciding whether or not they want to pick this palette up.

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