Sunday, December 26, 2010

Victoria's Secret Metallic Eye Review

I really am a big fan of Victoria's Secret makeup, mostly their eyeshadow.  This palette is no exception to the quality I've experienced with VS eyeshadow.  They are very pigmented and shimmery.  There are several natural looking shades that are yes, metallic.  At fifteen dollars for six decent sized shadows, one highlighter, and one liner, you can't go wrong.  I love the highlighter (cream) because it's not too oily or sticky, it's very smooth and silky.  It kind of a sheer brassy gold color.  The liner is just a simple black cream liner.  It's not the greatest but it does its job.  Could be good for smudging.
I'm not going to bother swatching because the shadows will appear the same on my arm as they do above.
In the pictures below, I did a look on my friend using these shadows and then a look on myself. Thoughts?

The highlighter is used in this picture on my brow bone.