Friday, August 19, 2011

Ulta Nail Lacquer in Set The Nude Review

I had some reward points that were up to Level 3 so I decided to use that to get a free nail polish and eyeshadow.  Set the Nude is a beigey taupe color that is matte.  I just tried it today and so far I love it.  It only took one semi-thick coat to cover the nail completely.  I'm impressed.  I have use Ulta nail polishes in the past, but I think that they have changed their formula because the quality of this polish is much better than the last.  Usually it's not hard for me to make a little mess on my fingers while painting my nails and with this brush and formula there was none of that.  I hardly got a drop on my skin, that almost never happens.  Overall, I would give Set the Nude 10/10 unless it chips in the next 24 hrs.
Pardon my unmanicured nails.  I had just taken navy blue polish off.
This is my Jenny.  16 yrs old, hang in there.

My BF and I saw Crystal Castles at the House of Blues and it was an imtimate and perfect show.  I've seen them before and I think this was one of their best performances.  Very happy that I got to be there.  Thanks to Dave and his friend Alex.
This is Lollapalooza during the day.
And Lolla at night.  It was so much fun.  I can't wait until next year!!!!
Got to meet Ben Lyons at Lollapalooza.
And Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad.  BB is THE best show I've seen in my life (filming, acting, plot, everything is well done).


cocotheferret said...

Aaron Paul!! :-D Squeeeeeee!!

In the Mode said...

Aaaaah I love that polish! I am such a sucker for anything nudeish and now I'm gonna hve to go out and buy it haha..

She Likes To Pretend said...

@cocotheferret: I know!! Surreal.

@In the Mode: I have a few other nudes that I thought would be pretty, but really aren't... at all. This is by far, the prettiest and most elegant nude I've tried and it doesn't chip. I'm actually still wearing it since I posted this and there are ZERO chips.

Mélanie said...

Super blog!!! J'adore!
(pour les amoureuses de vintage :