Monday, July 18, 2011

How to Avoid New Blemishes from Picking/Squeezing

I know it's nasty!  But sometimes some of us have a tendency to pick at or squeeze blemishes and blackheads in hopes that they go away.  It's a terrbile habit (more like a stress induced habit for me) and should NEVER occur if you wish to keep your skin clear and undamaged.  As a result of picking, new blemishes tend to pop up and old ones tend to get worse. 

But anyway, when I decide to do this, here is what I do to avoid worsening my skin's condition:

*I don't recommend that anyone do this if their skin is really sensitive (mine is semi-sensitive) or if it just sounds like a bad idea to you.

1.  After I've taken the plunge, I gently wash my face with a cleanser like Purpose.

2. After gentle cleansing to clear away dirt, I take a face brush (I use the Face Secrets one from Sally Beauty) and scrub in a circular motion all over my face (avoid delicate eye tissues).  I push a little harder on the brush than I normally would for daily use.  Use a cleanser of your choice.  I either use the same gentle cleanser or sometimes use the Equate version of Proactiv found at Walmart cleanser.

3.  Then I pat my skin dry with a clean towel.

4.  Next I take the Equate version of Proactiv's third step lotion with benzoyl peroxide and rub it all over my face (not in globs, be reasonable, there shouldn't be excess product on your face).  Spot treating doesn't seem to stop the spread of blemishes to the rest of the face.

5. Avoid touching your face from then on, go to sleep!  Let the product work.

*If you have Proactiv, go ahead and use that because the ingredients are pretty much the same.  I've used Proactiv in the past and the Equate system smells, feels, and works just the same.

Again, I'm no expert, this is just what I found works for me after having this bad habit for years.  Almost seems like a miracle that I wake up looking like I've hardly done a damn thing to my face.  And I don't know why magazines tell you to hold ice to a inflamed blemish, because I still do this hoping it helps, but it really doesn't make a difference at all and ends up leaving my skin red in spots where I held the ice (yes, it was wrapped in a towel and not directly applied ice to skin).  My skin also feels more sensitive after icing.  But if it works for you, great.

And my dawgie.  Can't get enough of her.


Voe said...

I have a friend who wears boxing gloves to bed when she has a break out. She is convinced that she picks her face in her sleep which is why she wears the gloves!

This product looks fab, thank you for posting. You are very pretty by the way and I adore your blog. I cannot wait to read more of your posts.

All the best,

She Likes To Pretend said...

Hahaha, I probably do that too. Idle hands.

You're pretty yourself and I enjoyed your posts about airbrushing ethics.

IceCreamBun said...

I have a friend who's who have this attitude of squeezing out her blackhead and always gets paranoid.

I told her what you said in this post.. she still never listens (=.=)

BTW, I totally agree with you.. my beauty instructor told me before about this.. :D


She Likes To Pretend said...

I think if I left my face alone, it'd look A LOT better right now in terms of evenness and quality.

Hope your friend stops.

Thanks for the comment :)