Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale Haul

So a couple a weeks ago, I did visit Victoria's Secret during their Semi-Annual Sale and picked up a few things.  I usually get excited about the perfumes that are slashed in price rather than the bras which are still expensive for me.  I wish they would clearance the bras down more than they do.
Lovin' the leopard print one :)

So on top is VS's Vixen shimmer puff.  I love the scent of this and the shimmer is so pretty.  I like to put it on my chest/collarbone area when going out. 

From the left is a creamy Vanilla & Sandalwood scented body wash which smells amazing and makes my skin super soft. 

Next is their Beauty Rush mascara in Indiglow which I have not opened yet.  I have tried the violet Beauty Rush mascara (I forget it's name) and I love it.  I have read bad reviews on it, but it looks good on me.  I'll put up a picture with it's effects at a later time. 

Next it's Room 504 lotion and cream.  The lotion smells just like the spray and lasts a little while.  I detect a hint of it on my arm 5 hours later.  The cream is the same just a little thicker and more moisturizing. 

Next is the a Velvet Amber Blackberry spray.  I love Velvet Amber Blackberry and am sad that they are discontinuing it :( 

Lastly is VERY SEXY DARE perfume.  I returned it just because I have the big spray and it smells too masculine for me.
Almost forgot to add my hoodie which is so comfy and I'm always dying to catch anything black from the PINK line on sale :)


Miss Emmuh said...
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Miss Emmuh said...

Sorry! got my blogs mixed up, but I do love Victoria Secret! The deliver to Korea... where big bras do not exist!

G A B Y said...

What is sexier than a leopard print bra? =D

Nora Schu said...

Great haul! The leopard one is so hot!
I need to order a bunch of those and the super comfy yoga pants <3

FoxyAries said...

Awesome haul! By the time I went they didn't have hardly anything left. Ok so I went like the last 3 to 4 days, I should know better. Anyways congrats on getting a lot of great things!!!

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