Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Singles in Kitten, Envy, Lagoon, Penny (Review)

Firstly, I'll say that most of these have great pigmentation with or without primer and not just for the price.  I have some high end shadows that don't deliver as well as them.  I also have Nutty, Brulee, Unplugged, and Panther.  Nutty is simply the best and is beautiful, no one should be without it. I hate to say Unplugged was disappointing and I just threw it away, I can't imagine anyone using it for anything (it's white, glittery, and not that pigmented). 

In all of the following pictures, only the specifically mentioned eyeshadow is on my lids with Too Faced Shadow Insurance underneath.

It's a very pretty bright purple with golden flecks, but it does take some layering to get the full effect.  This is not one of my favorites.

 After Nutty, I think this is one of the nicer ones comparable to my Urban Decay or Too Faced eyeshadows.  It's smooth and highly pigmented and I love that it's really similar to my eye color so it makes it pop!

 Lagoon, is similar to Envy in shimmer and pigmentation, I look so ugly in blue eyeshadow.  I can only wear navy shades.  You can't wear too many funky eyeshadow colors with green eyes without dressing it up with black eyeliner or another eyeshadow.  Those of you with brown eyes are lucky because you can wear anything and look amazing.

Looks nothing like an actual penny, but I understand what they were going for.  It looks like a shiny new penny in the pan, but on the lid, it's very orangey/pink with gold shimmer.  It may just look that way on my skin tone.  Richly pigmented and smooth as well.  It is nearly a complete dupe for Smashbox Flamingo.

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