Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat in Ink Splatter Review

Love this stuff and I think it works great and thanks to my friend, Alex, for letting me try hers before I bought it :).  I admit I had my doubts about it, but it works.  I have not tried Black Shatter from the Katy Perry collection so I do not have that to compare it to.  I wanted to get that one originally but gave up a couple months ago because I couldn't find it anywhere, and now it's restocked but I'm too cheap to pay the ten bucks.  So I just forgot about it and Ink Splatter is almost the same price, but I got it on sale at CVS, plus used an in-store coupon and I ended up getting 2 bottles for $7.  I will have to review the blue one later.

So putting it on is a little difficult but it can be done.  You have to put it on thinly, but not too thin otherwise it'll dry up too fast and be transparent.  If you put it on too thick, it loses the crackle effect.  When it dries it looks like a soft black so a top coat is a MUST.  I always use a top coat no matter what when I paint my nails so it's not a task at all for me.

Try to catch it on sale right now!  You won't regret it.

I put Ink Splatter over my already chipping nails so I apologize for the tips of my nails looking like poop.

UPDATE:  I received a bottle of Black Shatter by O.P.I. and now I can compare the two.  I actually prefer the Sally Hansen version because you can get thicker blocks of black with good separation.  Black Shatter has a cleaner/smoother formula (less clumpy), but it doesn't crackle enough for me.  The cracks are very thin so it's hard to see the nail color that is underneath.  Even applying thick, I still got thin cracks everywhere.  I still like it though. 


Vicky said...

i've just started using crackle nail varnishes but not got the sally hansen one yet, think i'll get it next time i'm in town :)

Carla said...

I love that stuff =D