Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pink Sugar Gift Set Review

Sorry I've been a horrible blogger, I doubt anyone pays attention to my blog haha :( But I work and have summer class and am on a low spending budget because the iPhone costs so damn much.  Anyway, I do have lots of little things to review because I went on a little spree.

So here goes.  This might sound raunchy, but ever since I went to the strip club in L.A. back in April, I couldn't get that stripper scent out of my head (my boyfriend says I think like a guy), but really I just wanted to smell like that because it's so sweet and pretty.  So I end up looking online for what a lot of strippers wear as perfume and Pink Sugar by Aquolina came up a lot so I went and smelled it at Ulta and ever since then I have been crazed and I think about the perfume every day like a weirdo.  I bought the perfume originally from, but it didn't have the brand name on it.  Now I'm sure it was authentic because I trust Walgreens, but I think it's stupid that Aquolina wouldn't put their brand on the bottle or the packaging.  That bothered me and so I returned it.  And for some reason, it didn't smell as good as the one in Ulta.  Well I bought the gift set because it came with the 3.38oz hair perfume that I have been dying to purchase, a 1.7oz EDT, and a little lotion (I think it should have been bigger for the cost!!!).  But either way I "saved" some money by not buying these items separately.

1.7oz EDT: Yum. Yum. Yum.  I'm floating on clouds every time I wear this.  If you don't know what Pink Sugar smells like, it's a caramel cotton candy vanilla scent, but not like those Body Fanstasies sprays which are OK, but very synthetic smelling.  I'm not huge on perfume terminology, but all I can say is that this EDT last longer than most my EDPs.

3.38oz Hair Perfume:  This adds a light hint of Pink Sugar to the hair and it lingers.  You can definitely smell it.  I can't get enough of this scent.

1.75oz Lotion:  Smells great, but the texture is very slick and not creamy at all.  Actually it says cream on the tube.  Oh well, I bought the set for the other two items anyway.

Eitherway, I think this is a decent deal if you are in looooove with Pink Sugar like me :)

Extra tid bit:

Love's Sugar Kiss by Dana smells similar to Pink Sugar and is a cheaper alternative.  I read that it is a decent dupe, but I don't think it quite matches up in lasting power or sweetness.  Sugar Kiss is softer like it has more musk in it.  It's a cologne mist so that explains the lasting power.  I love it although I have to spray a lot of it.  Try to catch it on sale.

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